My Schedule

** The best times for photos are 1-2 hours after SUNRISE and 1-2 hours before SUNSET. **

***Since I am a full time teacher, my availability is unfortunately less, and my weekends fill up fast. If you are looking to book a session for months that are not posted yet, I will be happy to discuss with you about a time and day.

****NEWBORN SESSIONS...because of time and flexibility, I am UNABLE to book anymore NEWBORN sessions until DECEMBER. I deeply apologize, but I have to make sure I am available for my newborn clients during these next few months (since I am only free during the weekends).

*****FALL SESSIONS...The #1 question I get is how long does it take me to edit photos for holiday cards. if you are unable to book a session before the beginning of Nov., I can assure you that I will send you 3-5 edited photos within 3-5 days after your session so you can get those cards ordered ASAP (& of course, more edited photos will be sent soon after). 

**Because of time flexibility, I am unable to book anymore NEWBORN sessions after September16. The dates below are for all other sessions*
Fri. 1st (evening)

Sun. 3rd (morning)

Sun. 10th 

Sun. 17th
**I will be out of town during the weekend of the 30th**


**Because of time flexibility and making sure I am available for already booked clients, I am unable to book anymore NEWBORN sessions in October. The dates below are for all other sessions.**

Sun. 8th (evening)

Sat. 14th (evening)

Sun. 15th (evening

Fri. 20th (evening)

Sat. 21 (morning)

Sat. 28 (evening)


**I am keeping the FIRST weekend of November clear at the moment, and will be posting times for 30 minute MINI SESSIONS as soon as I get the location booked. If you are interested in a mini session that weekend (which will most likely take place in the Katy/Richmond area) feel free to send me a message, so I can let you know when I have the location & specific times. 

Sat. 11th

Sun. 12th (morning)

Sat 18th (evening)

Sun. 19th

Mon. 13th

Thurs. 23 (Thanksgiving MORNING)

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